Ain’t that always the way? Murphy’s Law, baby.

Hey, did you notice something NEW on the website? (scroll down, on the right) Yeeees, the Suggestions Box! Or, really, the Musings Box. Ever feel like Z&F, looking at humanity and wondering “why the heck do we DO that?” Well, I do.. hence this comic being 400+ strips old now. But, I’m curious of any tidbits you may like to share. Feel free to post a note here or there.. and hey, you may see your curious musings end up in a Z&F comic!


As I continue to work on Zorphbert and Fred: Volume 2, I am also preparing for the Comic Convention Season, which is growing closer and closer! Check out my appearance listing to your right——>

My Webcomic Alliance pals and I kick it off in Chicago next weekend, for C2E2 Comic Con! We’ll be in the Webcomic Pavilion (yes, we get our OWN “pavilion”!)…. to sell books, talk shop with other cartoonists, do commissions, and if you listen to our podcast, probably bash each other left and right. It’s what we do best, really. So if you are in the area, make sure to stop by and behold geekery at its finest!