Dr. WHO, now?

I have to admit something, first of all. Despite writing a semi-sci-fi-themed comic… I have never seen an episode of Dr. Who. I want to. But like with more awesome shows (Walking Dead, for instance), I fear the best/worst… that I’ll REALLY enjoy it and it’ll suck me away from drawing comics for you all. And well, that wouldn’t be good, right? So, can you forgive me now?

Luckily, I know enough about Dr. Who from attending cons and my circle of friends to recognize references in this awesome piece by John Hazard of Frankenstein Superstar. John has been in my webcomic circles both on Facebook and Google+, and a very helpful member of the community. He’s also a teacher at Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art, which I actually applied to (and was accepted) back in 1997. I ended up going a school with a full graphic design curriculum to get a BFA, but I was sooooo intrigued by Joe Kubert’s school. His comic “Frankenstein Superstar” is a humorous tale of Frankenstein and his wife, along with other monster-type creatures, trying to make it in real-world New York. Due to the grown-up aspects like marriage, politics and adult life, this comic is not for the kiddies. I know, but it looks so cool! Ask your parents first. Grown-ups, read away and tell your kids how awesome it is just to rub it in. :0)

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