First of all, what are the chances that 2 Z&F readers, who don’t know each other, come up with the same “famous duo” for this project?! Plus, both entries pertain to FOOD, so I guess they were also both HUNGRY! Many thanks to both longtime Z&F reader Rainey Hayes and longtime friend Kurt Sasso of TGT Media for these terrific & funny entries. Honestly, though I could have come up with a list of character-duos that I modeled Z&F from, I wouldn’t have thought of Barney & Fred… even DESPITE the similarity in name! So, kudos to you both, for being creative and open-minded :0)

Rainey also wanted to mention that, besides his comical product names like “Cocoa Meteors” (Pebbles!) and “Sucker’s Jelly Blob” (Smuckers!), he also tried to squeeze in a “Frankenstein’s Monster Energy Drink” on the table too, but it wasn’t legible enough. I found the idea of what Z&F’s alien breakfast would be like both funny and creative.. and that could very well inspire the NEXT Fanart Challenge!

Kurt Sasso is passionate about comics, so much so that he strives to interview other creators any way possible– video, podcast, or he may even climb in your window one night. Okay, not really. But TGT Media is a wonderful site/podcast dedicated to spotlighting every type of creator, famous or aspiring (and hey, even I’ve been on his how!)  Kurt’s also just started learning the artistic side to comics and is currently in art school, where I wish him the best of luck and FUN!



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