Here’s the awesome “Famous Duos” #2, by James Dotson of the comic “That’s My Witch”. James came up with a duo I never would have thought of- Gilligan and the Skipper! A perfect pair, to further demonstrate this tried-and-true dynamic which has stood the test of time. I got a good laugh at the Apple Maps joke, as I was disappointed with the app when I used it… promptly switching back to Waze and Google Maps.Thanks James! Terrific job! Swing by James’ website for his comic “That’s My Witch”, plus other drawings, comics, cartoons and assorted ponderings.

News Update!

I am furiously working on Z&F Book #3, folks! I have finished the comics and the commentary, now I have to get through the bonus material and finally, the covers AND a friggin’ title! I am hoping to actually take a week off from ANY kind of Z&F work, before I start getting my month buffer started in February… but that seems less likely with every day. Even though the comics are drawn, putting together a book is a lotta work! At least I got out once to work on it at a trendy little coffee shop, like a good hipster indie creator.

Beyond that, I have put together a new price sign, using magnetic whiteboard and printed items on magnetic material… it looks pretty awesome! Looking forward to the start of Comic Con season, kicking off my first one in late February:  Katsucon – National Harbor, MD 02/15/13 – 02/17/13