Hi folks! I’m hard at work lately- laying out Z&F book #3, prepping for cons coming up in the early spring, looking into creating ebooks to offer in the store, and recovering from the holiday madness! So, on this Fantastic-Fanart-Friday, I bring you the first installment of this off-season’s theme: Famous Duos! Read up HERE, on where this idea came from and how you can contribute as well!

Many thanks to a devout reader and support of Z&F- Chris Otto, whom I am SUUUUURE you have heard of before ’round these parts, by now. Chris Otto of  “A Dog’s Life” has made his mark (no pun intended) on Z&F– multiple fanart pieces, a winner of a PWITM Contest, and someone who just loves to pass on the good word about Z&F on twitter, G+ and facebook. Chris picked an excellent “couple” to draw Zorphie & Fred as– Opus and Bill the Cat of Bloom County! And how awesome is it that Fred FINALLY gets to be a cat! In case you haven’t heard of “A Dog’s Life”, swing by the cast page to get an idea of the goofy, colorful dogs, humans and other creatures that roam the universe of Chris’ comic. If you guys are dog fanatics, which is likely if you read Z&F, spend some time checking out Chris’s fun corner of the webcomics world! Thanks so much for this Chris!