Number 250, folks. Quite a milestone! Now, on to 500.

This is a tribute to the webcomic community where I got my start: It’s an excellent way to dive right into webcomics, and interact with other cartoonists and fans. I met many people via drunkduck who helped point me in the right direction. I’ll never forget how 2 weeks after signing up Z&F was “featured” on the front page- before I even knew what the heck that meant. It was quite a surprising honor. I hope my readers and friend from the ‘duck can find their way over here, as I’ll be back at the duck quite often to follow their endeavors.

This is my last post at the ‘duck. I feel a bit sentimental about it, at times I swore I’d never leave. But I see the importance of centering your comic in one place and building around that. I’m hoping can bring in the type of devout fans that I have on drunkduck ;0)