A common phrase in our house, when April gets into something gross or starts rolling on a random spot in the yard. Why does she do that? “Dogs love stinky!”

It’s not scientific, but it’s partly true.

A Great FCBD Weekend!

Just wanted to say THANKS to all who came out to the Free Comic Book Day weekend events in Wilmington, DE this past weekend! I met a lot of great people and families and kids in their new “Danger Room”, and many of you signed up for the Z&F newsletter and got a FREE ebook in honor of the “holiday”! If you purchased a book, I hope you enjoy it, and thanks for supporting local indie creators like myself! It’s good to know that a huge chunk of you money went directly to ME, instead of some corporate giant, amiright?;0)

For those who write down their email for me, you should have received a couple emails. One from me, with your link to a FREE ebook, and one from Feedburner, which is the newsletter client that will send you the Z&F updates. You HAVE to click a link from Feedburner, to confirm your addition to the newsletter. If you do not see that email, check your spam. It’s also a possibility that I mistyped your address, so you can always sign up right here on the site; look to the RIGHT for the “Z&F In Your Email” sign up—->

Stay Tuned on Friday…

…. For TWO interviews with yours truly! One is a video, and one is a podcast with some Z&F super-fans who were in the “Danger Room” with me on FBCD!