After a loooooong debate (I came to a final decision at 10pm Sunday night!), I decided this was my favorite entry, so congrats to Samantha Wikan! Such and funny, clever and adorable take on my little alien protagonists…. and how refreshingly different than my usual humor and tone, too. These contests are hard to judge- do I choose the entry that’s closest to how I draw, how I weave my jokes, to the main spirit of the strip? Or the most clever, or the most outrageous? In this case, because the contest’s concept veers from my intentions for the comic (I won’t be showing the characters out of costume, that is), I though something refreshing and unpredictable is best. No idea how she came up with the coppertone girl and pup, but it definitely made me laugh out loud! Another congrats, Sam! A job well done ;0)

The runners up, I have to say, were Dan Long and Bearman… man, those were tough to choose between. Bearman just about nailed my inspiration for the characters’ personalities, and Dan Long’s piece was quite beautiful and totally in-line with Z&F as a whole.

Thanks to everyone who entered their work, I hope I was able to get you some hits and some new readers. I was overwhelmed with the amount of fine work that flooded in. Best readers EVAR!

Stay tune tomorrow, for a cameo strip featuring “Life’s A Witch” characters—- which means I better get to work now!


Magical, family-oriented, and drawn in a soothingly soft style, “Life’s  A Witch” revolves around the main character, Zelda, and her husband, children, and best friend- Tina, the tooth fairy (of course!). The concept is based on Samantha’s very own life, which makes me very curious about her best friend Tina…. or Sam’s sanity, LOL. Rock on, Sista!