I must have a soft spot for alien-probing humor (I mean, it is an extension of butt-humor that’s already IN this comic), because I got a good chuckle out of this enry. Congrats to OnyxSparrow, a long-time commenter here at Z&F, for winning this “Put Words in Their Mouths” Contest! You are the first [to-be] owner of a Z&F figurine, and I’ll be shipping you the one marked #1 very soon!

and sorry about the title…. you, the winner, are NOT the butt of all jokes. Just realized how that read, LOL!

Thanks to everyone who entered, this was a great turn-out! As always, I like to mention a runner-up or two…. so, props to commenters Caost and Chris Ciancanelli (your 1st entry)– those 2 entires were right up there as well!

OnyxSparrow- I’ll be in touch soon about shipping info and such. Congrats again!!