Usually, I run these contests when I am super busy, or need a break from the 3x-a-week schedule with this comic. This time, I am running this particular contest for those of you who have been begging me to put a particular item in the Z&F Store. While I’m not ready to cave on that part, I’m giving you a chance to WIN it! More on that in a sec.

The Contest:

You probably know the drill by now. Above is a comic I already wrote. The original, for your reference, is located HERE. Lets see if you can write it better! C’mon, there’s nothing funnier or deserving of a good punchline than the classic dog-butt-drag! I’ll choose my favorite, usually determined by the humor and how fitting the dialog is for the characters, and post the winner on Friday! So have your entries in by Thursday at 8pm EST!

The Prize?

You asked for it, you got it. The winner will have shipped to them, one of the brand-new Zorphbert & Fred figurines, hand-painted by me, and they also glow in the dark! These are one of a kind, and a numbered limited edition, ONLY sold at conventions at the moment. Just enter in the comments, and one of these awesome keepsakes could be YOURS!

Okay, now some Rules:

1. Remember this is a kid-friendly site, okay?

2. You can post up to 3 entries. Separate comments, please. Only way to enter is via the comments.

3. Use as many or as little of the balloons as you need for your punchline(s). Just notate in your comment who is speaking.

4. The previous winner is invited to play, but is ultimately ineligible this round (sorry!)

*the previous winner is Jeff Couturier…. Feel free to play, but I can’t select yours this time!