Congrats to good buddy Jeff Couturier, for winning this contest and the 100% original and non-digital Z&F comic #500! The visual of a raccoon clumsily fiddling with a radio (coupled with Fred’s body language) is what won me over I think. Though, it was a tough choice … I also really enjoyed Samwise Galenorn’s clever spin on SOPA being started by Z&F, as well as the funny use of censor bars in the submitted comic by Chris Ciancanelli. You guys are my runners up!

For those of you who don’t know of Jeff’s comic Horde of Neurons, as lovers of quirky funny comics involving geeky things with assorted cute fuzzy characters, you’ll enjoy it. Can’t say it’s about one thing in particular, but that’s kind of the Seinfeld-ian glory behind it. Just a box of chocolates, very quirky amusing chocolates.

Thanks to all who played! These contests are such a great way of  keeping you guys occupied with something fun while building up my buffer again, or in this case, toiling away on a very special landmark update. How’s about a sneak peek?