Back for another season! And it feels great to be back in the swing of things, folks. Kicking it off with this little arc about cereals.. because, well, why the heck not. I’d like to thank Z&F reader Rainey, whose “Famous Duos” fanart submission inspired this idea…. and quite possibly the next Fanart Challenge Project! How does designing your own cereal box, featuring Z&F sound? What kind of cereal would Z&F sponsor? Keep an eye out, as I plan to make a Fanart Challenge page, with details on whatever fun project is going on here at ZFCOMICS! Anyone can submit, and the fanart submissions will be posted on fridays! What a great way to get some drawing practice in, huh?

So, beyond this new Fanart Challenge idea, I have a few more changes to announce here. In fact, I already laid it all out in a BLOG POST HERE. Basically, look for new comics on MONDAYS, a fun blog post if I have the time on WEDNESDAYS, and fanart/news on FRIDAYS. If you’re curious about my 2013 appearances at comic cons and events, check out THIS POST for more info.

Oh yeah, one more thing….

In case you haven’t been around these parts as of late….. something NEW is in the store….


***NEW!*** Z&F Volume 3:
Anger is So MainstreamComics #400-600 plus bonus material
like games, guest art & “Bax & Cleo” samples!