Well, here’s a new way to “go green” and save cash on your electric bill.

Wait… is it really March already? Whoa. 2011 is 1/6th over already. At least spring is on its way.

Some News:

I added a new convention to my list for 2011– The Philadelphia Comic Con, which is not to be confused with Wizard World Philadelphia. This is a small 1-day convention, but it’s right in my neighborhood and the tables are very cheap if not free. If you’re in the area on April 3rd, try to stop by! Can’t beat $3 admission!

The next Z&F Collection is in the works! That’s right, the next 200 comics plus lots of extras and my own commentary! Will debut in Philly, probably at the Wizard World Comic Con, but if I pound this out as fast as I hope to… maybe even by the April 3rd show! And with that announcement comes the return of the Book Progress Meter! woo woo!