I’m kinda pissed that it took me NINE years to come up with “Spacebook”.

I’d like to take a moment to honor Mr. Leonard Nimoy. I’ve never been a huge Star Trek fan, but his Spock character definitely influenced my writing for Zorphie. THIS article really embodies his compassion as a person, and speaks to what we Z&F fans already know… don’t try to fit in, but revel in carving your own path. Humanity is far more interesting if we celebrate the weird!

If you need to be caught up on this little arc about Georgia the cat, start HERE.


Rise_1-463x700Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 6.06.59 PMHey guys, remember the ‪‎RISE‬ Bullying anthology Kickstarter we got successfully funded? It’s been slowly coming along. The books are at the printer, but you can download the digital copies of the first 2 issues RIGHT NOW!
ISSUE #1 (with MY cover art and illustrated story, written by Jon Carroll, inside)