Yup, 2 aliens heading back to the big city to hopefully find the male owner a job. And Fred’s moved on to Days of Our Lives.

Did you all enjoy the new blog “Clipart FAIL”? Would be a hit among graphic designers and anyone who’s marveled at the lack of talented illustrators at clipart sites.

Speaking of “marveling”, what have you to say about Disney buying Marvel? Can this possibly bring any good at all? As my bitter significant other said, “Man, I really am starting to hate that company. They’re pathetic. They keep buying other companies with imagination since they can no longer create their own content. Losers.” I pretty much agree.

Just for you fine people, a bonus video of the 1st panel, start to finish! (I was sitting outside while recording, so you hear all this background noise, sorry. Thought I turned off the audio!)