10915151_10204744957096275_349626552272506817_nA week ago I got to experience something I rarely have the opportunity to indulge in…. I watched MY favorite team win a championship. The Ohio State Buckeyes won the first-ever (non-BCS) College Championship, in the most unlikely of ways. They were a 4th seed. They lost their star starting quarterback before the season even started. THEN they lost their backup. The THIRD STRING quarterback, a sophomore, out of my hometown Cleveland, lead the team to victory against the heavily favored Oregon. It was amazing, beyond any words that I can muster.

Dozens of fires & tear gas filled streets followed, I knew I had to write a comic devoted to the asinine way sports fans react to winning. Me? I texted with my mom and gushed on social media and hugged my dog more than she wanted.