Sorry, no color this week folks… hitting crunch time with a lot of projects. For those who noticed, I know I have also drawn Nettika getting the full-on slobber before, but the visual still makes me laugh.

This comic was thought up dead last minute, as a package that I have been impatiently waiting for came in the mail Monday. For Christmas, my mom gave us a pre-paid dog breed test, which was honestly a very cool idea (she’s often full of ’em). We adopted April in the early fall of 2008, from a shelter who found her wandering around a large highway as a stray, so we had no prior information about her. The shelter figured she was a Lab-Shepherd mix, which I pretty much agreed with, but it’s was amusing how many different suggestions people would give: Rottweiler, Doberman, fox hound, chow (she has a spotted tongue), greyhound.. the list goes on. This breed test settled the discussion, and satisfied my endless curiosity. Maybe she just got it to shut me up about it, LOL. The test is performed simply by rubbing her inner cheeks with cotton swabs, much like human DNA tests are done. Almost 3 weeks later:

April is “Level 1” (75% or more) Labrador Retriever… which we already knew. She acts just like a lab, loves everyone and everything, and loves to be around her “pack”. Damn happy dog. A level 1 reading means one of her parents was a pure bred.

The slight shock was that she’s level 4 (10-19%) Rottweiler. While she has the signature “eyebrows”, her build is very slim- not thick and stocky like Rottie’s, and the coloring of the markings is very light tan, not the rich auburn Rottie’s have. This is why I figured she was probably a shepherd mix… that and the fact that she likes to herd us all in one room so she can settle down. Nothing against Rottie’s, but I just had my doubts.

Guessing was fun, but I am glad I have an answer. Love my dog, whatever the breed.