Hope you all enjoy the NEW COLOR updates! Still takes me roughly an hour just to do the color… grayscale, using 2 tones of gray, took like 20 mins, pretty simple. Just too many choices when it comes to the entire spectrum of color!

I find it odd when people really try to humanize their pets. We have bandannas for our dog, April, sure… but entire outfits and fancy beds and their own TV’s (playing animal planet only!).. that’s getting a little crazy. It’s a dog, if you want to play dress up, have a kid. However, I am not above buying a token hilarious dog toy, if I see one fit. And this rubber beer bottle, modeled after Heineken (the other option was Corona), was priceless. And April, as brilliant as she is, went right for the cap, gnawed it off in 5 seconds. Too bad there was nothing inside, I feel like I tricked her, heh.

“Mommy- I said I preferred Corona. C’mon now.”

Can’t find your bottle opener? use the dog!

*glug glug glug* …..I think my dog has a “problem”. And the pig is the enabler. Damn pig.

So, this is what inspired this strip. That, and Rick’s suggestion to make a bone-shaped cell phone for Z&F.