It’s easy to get caught up in your own life’s problems, but once in a while a dose of “bigpicture” is just want you need. This message brought to you by Sony.


Poll Update

Thanks to everyone who took part in the Z&F comic book poll, the results were interesting. Seems like the $10 traditional comic size edges out the $15 square strip collection size… and those were the 2 I was deciding between. I shall keep you guys updated on my progress… now to find the time to put the collection together, hmm.


Comic Con (reminder)!

I will be attending the Philadelphia Wizard World Comic Con, this weekend! I did not get a table, I probably should have… still deciding how much I’d get out of being an unknown in artists’ alley, but I guess that’s the whole idea. I will be wandering around, I know a couple people who will be there, including TL Collins from Bulfinch and Superfogeys Origins, with 3rd World Studios! I just got my package of bookmarks and postcards to hand out, very excitable! So, if you’re going, and you see someone that looks like my avatar wandering around, say hi!