I believe this is the official culprit if the “case of the Mondays”, amiright? Some days the endless cycle and treading of water just makes the “American Dream” seem like a complete fabrication. After all the current generation is the first in a long while that will not be as successful as their parents. Mind you, I’m at the tail end of Generation X, not the Millenials, but I definitely have a bit of the Millenial generation in me– after all, I create a webcomic *wink* (internet entrepreneurship is SO “millennial”, IMO)

Anyone else often feel like this? The only things that get me through and lighten my mood are the “crazy straws” in life… the little things that make me happy. Drawing, cartoons, a favorite dessert, relaxing outdoors on the canopy swing. Basically, not taking the “other stuff” for granted. Because there are always those worse off.

A reminder, as we are getting closer and closer…..

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