There are times in my busy life, where I wish I could just take 1 whole day off, stay home and veg and watch terrible daytime TV. Then, I catch a cold and do just that. All it takes is 1 day of these god-awful shows to hold me over for another year, until I manage to forget their god-awful-ness.


I have this idea. It started at my graphic design job, where we often use for quick vector illustrations or photos for our packaging or literature projects. Often, we come across some pretty awful work, and I am constantly amazed that someone got PAID for this piece of ****. Upon discovery, they are immediately emailed out to the other designers for amusement, and usually receive vocal responses- groans and/or laughter.  What’s even funnier, is the search keywords that lead to the discovery– usually having NOTHING to do with the image at hand. For birthday celebrations, these terrible clipart findings end up on birthday cards or signs that hang all over our desk areas, subjecting everyone who enters to our obscure humor. It’s a blast.

Anyway, yesterday I tweeted a link to one that popped up in a coworker’s search (“I know it’s supposed to be a rabbit foot, but c’mon. seriously?”). It got a pretty decent response. I’m thinking this calls for a weekly-ish posting of “Clipart FAIL”. And my continued tweets involving up-to-the-second discoveries!gra

Just a forewarning ;0)