This is another “just being silly” joke. I know it’s not my best work, but whatareyagonnado?

I’m working really hard on the final pages of the latest “Abby’s Adventures” book, “Dance Recital”. I’m sure this book will hit home with many girls today, it seems every little girl I know is obsessed with A: pink, B: princesses, C: dance, D: ballerinas, or E: performing. Man, I would have never fit in, I was always up a tree, buried in legos, or building a fort. Not that I “fit in” in theĀ  80’s, either. Next up for Abby is “Earth Day Celebration”, which is very topical and may be our big breakthrough if we can get a big-name sponsor. The book itself will be made from recycled paper, and the doll that comes with it will be made from recycled plastic, which is pretty neat. Looking to launch by Earth Day of next year (so, spring) Fingers crossed!