As many of you know, I take a lot of inspiration from 3rd Rock From the Sun for this comic. It’s a very similar concept after all. I recall a bit they did when they all got a cold for the first time; Sally sneezed, and the look of utter surprise and confusion on their faces was priceless. Really made me consider all the weird things we do without thinking about it.




This Weekend! Allentown Comic Con!

To wrap up the 2011 convention season, I’ll be at the Allentown 2-day MEGA Con! That’s this weekend, folks! I exhibited at the last one, and I’m excited about this one as it really looks like it’ll live up to the “MEGA” title! Check out the great list of creators who will be there HERE, and then look again– some celebs as well.. including a certain fuzzy favorite from Star Wars! For more info, head over HERE.