It really does all start to blur together after a while. We’re all just a bunch of brainwashed fanatics of some organization… if you want to look at it that way.

I got this idea from a friend’s facebook post (and yes, he OK’d the idea to be used). He compared politics to sports in a bunch of ways and I found it amusing how similar they can be. Here’s the quote, from Mr. Dan Nokes of 21 SandShark….

“Looking at all the posts about sports teams tonight. I just find the similarities between supporting pro team athletes/teams and politicians/parties to be eerily similar. Both involve a lot of badmouthing the opposing party. Both involve the questioning persons mental capacity for liking the opposing party. Both involve overpaid corrupt persons that don’t give a crap for the people and towns they represent. Both involve large gatherings of people of almost mindless devotion, and poor taste in clothing to big arenas and stadiums to lend support. Both seem to make wide sweeping generalities and promises that are rarely delivered upon. And both involve some sort of color coding to indicate members and devotees.”