Alright alright, enough is enough. I’ll stop torturing the Weird Kid, he’s got enough social issues on his hands as is. But I do love the irony of him falling for a female bully. Any of you guys bullied? By a girl?

Hope you enjoyed Alex’s introduction storyline. I want to work her in here and there as a complimentary character to the Weird Kid… can’t wait to see how their friendship/relationship changes in the those turbulent preteen years! Maybe one day they’ll actually “date”, you know…. for like a whole week! (and by “date” I mean call each other on the phone when no one’s around, and giggle for 20 minutes, in between asking a total of 3 dumb questions) Remember those years?

Share Your Pet’s Story

Everyone likes a funny pet story, or sharing pictures & stories about their pets. Here at ZFCOMICS, I want to give you the opportunity to share YOUR story! So, I am starting up a new category of the blog called “My Pet Is An Alien SPOTLIGHT” , which will post as stories/pictures roll in on Fridays, rotating with Fanart or News posts.

So, your dog or cat (or fish or hamster) is weird, right? I have never met a pet owner who doesn’t have a story about their pet doing weird things. They may even be as weird as us humans! *gasp*!!!! Tell your story via the CONTACT PAGE, and upload a picture of your pet too, and I will post it right here on ZFCOMICS!