Welcome back, faithful Z&F readers! We’re back in full gear! New Zorphbert & Fred comics every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and introducing Tuesday and Thursday blog posts! That’s right, new content every weekday! Here’s what I have in store for those off-days, to keep you entertained:

  • more fanart, as it rolls in. Always open to see new fun interpretations of Z&F and whomever else!
  • news on appearances (comic cons, fairs, festivals, etc), or whatever else I am up to!
  • sketches and process screengrabs, maybe even a video here and there!
  • More of the awesome and popular Clipart FAIL posts! Yup, they’re baaaaaack! (guess what’s posting tomorrow?!)
  • BRAND NEW SERIES:Zorphie’s Mission Log! Zorphbert is always writing on his clipboard…but what is he so carefully analyzing? What earthly questions is he mulling over? Maybe you can help him out, leave comments and get involved in the discussion! Or, maybe, we can all just admit that humans are WEIRD!
  • BRAND NEW SERIES:Alien-Pets in the Spotlight! Every month, zfcomics.com will feature a picture of a reader’s cat, dog, fish, hamster, etc….. and why that pet just HAS to be an ALIEN! If you have a weird pet you’d love to show off and make fun of for being so weird, feel free to contact me via the CONTACT PAGE… and I’ll get you and your weirdo pet a spotlight blog post on my site!


I had a nice relaxing vacation, which involved catching up on some reading, some TV watching, seeing the new Batman movie, visiting with friends and family, and lots and lots of sleeeeeeeeeeeping! But, it is great to be back in action, cranking out the comics so I can share them with YOU!