I recently gave my own dog a little IQ test, she enjoys the games… and the treats. This one in the comic above is a typical test– placing a treat in or under something, to see if the dog still attempts to find & eat it. The key is that intelligent dogs will understand the treat still exists, even if they cannot see the treat. April, our dog, uses her nose, and then her paws, to flip the container and get the treat. If the container is too difficult to open or flip, she’ll sit by it and look intently & pathetically at us until we cave and give her the treat. There are plenty of other fun tests to give your dog, too. Here’s a fun one for us humans to answer, if we already know our furry friend well enough… April scored an 82!

What kind of fun tests do you give your dog? It’s a great way to challenge your dog, bond, and have fun with them too!

I also started counting how many commands/words she knows… little doggie Einstein of ours knows about 25!