This is an interesting dynamic… the female tomboy owner realizing she has a connection with the Weird Kid. Although it’s the opposite types of TV shows, they both were/are defying gender roles and just watching what they like…. despite what they’re told they are supposed to like. And, how can you really be upset about that?

I did love Thundercats…. huge fan girl, even like the new series. G.I. Joe was never really my thing though… I dabbled in He-Man a bit, but also loved matchbox cars, legos (yes, the “BOY” legos, lol) and collected the care bears figurines. As for My Little Pony, I kept getting them as gifts… but they were never my thing either. I do recall pulling out their tails, filling up the body with water and squirting people, yelling, “It’s PEEING on you!”…. but I’m gonna take a wild guess and assume that’s NOT how you were supposed to play with them.


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