So, if you are confused as to why this is posted 1 day late, it’s all because of this:

I was there! A terrific game, with a terrific atmosphere, and of course a terrific ending to it all. If people weren’t screaming their heads off, high-fiving strangers, or buying beers for their friends, they were formulating new and impressive chants.. like “Take a shower!” directed at Manny for his actions in the previous game (leaving the game early, not even taking a shower, etc). All in all, it was a blast, and I am grateful I work for a company that dishes out tickets like coleslaw at a NJ diner. (sorry if you do not get that reference, it’s all I could think of).

I am at heart a Cleveland fan, as you probably know, but Philadelphia has earned my fan-ship…. very much akin to Cleveland, Philly has had it’s heartbreaking moments and droughts and the fans always stick by their teams (even if they’re bashing them for sucking, they still watch, they cannot help it). And the Phillies have SUCKED for a long time.. didja know they are the LOOSINGEST MLB team of all time? 10,000+ losses. Ouch. That’s why this awesome team, an assembly of guys you cannot help but adore, deserved the title last year, and deserve it this year. MUCH much more than, say, a team that has so much money they can BUY a contending team every year *cough* YANKEES *cough*. Not that the Phils pay these guys in diet cokes, but they ain’t no spoiled overpaid Yankees. The organization works hard to keep this group of guys together, and the fans have a quality product to root for and spend some hard-earned cash on. So, from this bitter Cleveland fan, congrats Phils! Let’s take out the snot-nosed rich kids from NY in the World Series!

Go HERE for more (of my own) pictures, and check out the video below!

Anyhoo, back to comics. Yay, comics.

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Believe it or not, I am coming up on my 300th Z&F comic. This one is #299, so next week look for a special FULL COLOR update, it’s a suuurrrpriiiiise ;0)


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