Up next on the Final World Tour, Z&F swing by the Phillipines, and see the beautiful Rice Terraces, which have been around since the Spanish arrival to the Philippines. You can read more about these fascinating man-made irrigation systems HERE. See, a few educational pit stops can be fun!

This cool drawing of my classic Z&F in their UFO (which btw, is never seen in the comic, a fun tidbit for ya) is by old friend Carlo Jose San Juan, whom I know best from the doctor-and-a-duck comic Callous Comics. Carlo also co-created and wrote M.O.U.S.E, which stands for Multiple Ordnance and Utility Synthetic Entity. Yes, it features a real mouse. :0)

There’s also his upcoming comic called Immortal Wings, another he co-created and wrote. The artwork is by Rod Espinosa of Courageous Princess and it’ll be brought to everyone through Antarctic Press.

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