It’s (almost) HERE!

The book is completed and sent off  to the printer, so Z&F Volume 3: “Anger is So Mainstream” is NOW available for Pre-order! This volume contains strips #400 through 600 (including that Apple-Angry-Birds-Hipster storyline the cover references), complete with commentary, as well as the usual section of bonus content in the back for you super fans. What KIND of bonus material?

  • Drawing tutorials for the Weird Kid & Nettika
  • Fun word and puzzle games
  • contest winners
  • fanart BY me & FOR Z&F
  • PLUS some samples of another comic strip I write & draw!

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$20.00 (incl. S&H)

Character to sketch?


A NEW Super Pack Deal Available as well!


Get the ENTIRE Z&F collection!
600 comics, bonus material, pack of alien buttons & bookmarks! Signed with sketches in each book! WOW!

$50.00 (incl. S&H)