That’s right! Zorphbert & Fred returns THIS COMING MONDAY!

And with them comes some changes around here. I could re-explain everything, but I’ll just link you to a blog post here, as well as a Webcomic Alliance business plan article, that better explains the WHY behind the changes. As you can see, things need to change as I feel like I’m spinning all my wheels, burning fuel, and not going anywhere. While I DO enjoy drawing comics just for the joy of it, I’m also full of ambition to make this comic an income factor as well… and that’s the spark that’s behind these changes.

So, like I laid out in the blog post, the new schedule for this season will be this:

  • MONDAY: a new comic!
  • WEDNESDAY: extra content when I have the time, like Clipart Fails or Contests
  • FRIDAY: a weekly update on me! This will feature convention/event appearances, some Z&F fanart I received, or just an update on what I’m up to behind the scenes.

Now, I realize going from 3 updates a week online to only 1 may seem like a huge drop off. Keep in mind, I’m cranking out 2 comics a week, and when you buy a book, half of that book will be unseen, brand-new content! Also, I’m working on getting ebooks made, so you can always buy the digital version for cheap, and it’s so much easier to read through a hundred comic that way than to keep hit next, next, next. So, you’ll have options, my friends.

Speaking of books, don’t forget VOLUME THREE is now officially available to purchase in the STORE!

 Feedback? How much do you hate me for this decision? :0)

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