First off, a big THANK YOU to everyone who pitched in and offered up some advice for how to improve “The Zorphbert & Fred Experience”. I tried to come up with every possible way to improve a webcomic… except, long after I posted the poll, I realized I should have added “reader interaction” as it’s an important ingredient being online. Ah well. Anyway, here’s the results:


As much as I appreciate the majority of the response giving me a thumbs up on everything,  I am a perfectionist and always looking for a way to improve. Thus, I will take the next couple higher ranking suggestions. After this storyline ends, I will attempt full color again… see if I can work out a compromise to save myself time to do each comic in color. I will also pay more attention to the sci-fi aspect of the comic (spice up storylines with that kind of thing), and work harder on better punchlines.

Thanks again for your opinions, they are greatly appreciated. Together with my readers’ help I hope to take Z&F to new levels. This right here, is what makes webcomics a terrific medium, and a definite PRO compared to traditional “ancient” newspaper comics.

You’ll note there is a brand new poll up now, so get to it! ;0)