This past weekend, I took to Piscataway, NJ to test the convention waters at the Wild Pig Show! It has that goofy name because the guy who runs it, Chris Eberle, owns a comic shop called Wild Pig Comics. So, no, there were no real pigs there.

But there certainly were lots of comics fans, and a friendly hotel staff! While the convention wasn’t one of my better ones as far as sales goes, it’s worth a second go-around to see how I fare at a 2nd or 3rd show. I enjoyed the clean set-up to the show; comic books lining the entire long hall with fun enormous posters, and the artist alley tables stretching down the center. I debuted my new AVENGERS poster (just in time for the movie release), and was showing off the new Z&F figurines as well! I even met a little girl, Caroline, who seemed like a mini version of myself: she loves Thundercats (old and new series), sported a Big Bang Theory T-shirt, and snatched up both Z&F volumes! My wonderful and talented neighbors Ian Glaubinger and Janine Frederick kept me entertained and I got to meet fellow family-friend creators Mark Mariano of “My Pal Mark” and Chris of the Chris O-Matic Show! Please take a moment to go gander at their amazing work!

My friend Don Smith wrote up a fantastic review of the show, be sure to check it out!!


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