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Final Comic Con of the year! (I think)

It’s also the first time I’ve gone this far south in my convention tour. Man, this year I have stretched my boundaries! I went further NORTH (Boston), further WEST (Cleveland) and now further SOUTH! If I go further EAST, there would have to be a convention on a boat in the Atlantic. ;0)

So, quickly, the details!

Besides my Z&F and Abby books or prints, you can also sign up, in person, for this GREAT deal! Holiday gifts, people!


(Regular price online is $75!)

(Regular price online is $75!)


Okay, One More Event:

I do have a little Holiday Shopping Extravaganza at my local Haverford High School as well, and that’s on December 6th. It runs from 1pm – 5pm, so you got 4 HOURS to get some serious shopping done!!

Wrapping up 2014 at

It’s been a busy and eventful year. I had great success on my convention tour, but I need to focus more on my content next year. So, my tour schedule will be a bit lighter in 2015, while I crank out those last 100 comics to include in Z&F Volume 4! So far, I know I’ll be exhibiting at my usual favorites: AwesomeCon DC, Philly Wizard World, Baltimore Comic Con, and the Haverford Library Comic Con. I’m adding in a new ones: East Coast Comic Con in northern NJ, and the new Great Philadelphia Comic Con in Oaks, PA. Boston Comic Con was a great time this year, I may return if it factors into my schedule well in 2015.

Look for new comics here starting on JANUARY 5th! And I’ll be revealing some BIG news around then as well. Please stay tuned.