Another Tips & Tricks…

….for you trusty readers yearning to see how I run things around here. Or you’re just bored at work and wanna read my babbling. Whatever the reason, hi! Thanks for stopping by.

If you’re a webcomic creator and looking to increase your page views and unique viewers (aren’t we all, duh?), I have 3 words/links for you:

What are those?

These are all services that allow users to share a favorite link with those gigantic communities, and offer very easy ways of doing so, like browser plug-ins you can install that will put a bar at the top with easily-accessed buttons. You can befriend other people who are also signed up and see what they like. With stumble upon you can customize your own preferences- what kind of websites you enjoy (ie: webcomics, sci-fi, circus freaks and their pets, whatever you please), and when you hit that “STUMBLE” button, it’ll take you somewhere you’ll probably DIGG (ha, see what I did there?). Kinda like Tivo for your internet browser. Now, with my lack of spare time, I use it more for OTHER people to share my work (*hint hint* *please please!*), but I have noticed that stumble upon or digg makes for my biggest 2 referrers. This is a terrific way for friends and devout readers to help out a cartoonist — by sharing the link with one of these services. The more people stumble/digg/reddit your comic, the more times it’ll be passed around and new people can discover it. And the viciously wonderful cycle continues.

Cool, what do I do?

Sign up. Get an account. Befriend your peeps. Add a “share” widget under each of your comics (easily done with wordpress). Digg/stumble/reddit your friends comics, and other sites you enjoy, see what it’s all about (there is much to discover yourself!) Join a community forum and see if there is a “digg group” or the like, you can join forces with, as I did on Everyone diggs everyone else’s work, and the more it branches out, the more hits you get. Easy, quick, AND worthwhile! It’s possible!

Can I help Z&F with these services?

Sure! You may have noticed many comic creators adding in a “donate” paypal button. I have debated whether or not to do this, mainly because I don’t think people have the money to give in these economic times. But, if you lovely readers and friends want to help Z&F financially, you can do so without spending money! All you have to do is digg, or stumble, or reddit my updates, as you read them (or all 3 if you feel feisty!). With the browser plug-in, this takes only a second. How does this earn me money, you ask? Well, page views, combined with my Project Wonderful Ads… The more page views I get, the more cash I earn! All because of your extra second. And, as a bonus, let me know if you digg/stumble/reddit me, I can do the same for you! What a great way to help out your fellow webcomicers, and get some help in return!

Now, group hug!