It’s time again to take Z&F on a roadtrip around the East Coast, for another convention. This one is a bit different than the usual comic conventions, and I’ll be interested to see how successful it is in comparison. Despite the odd name of “Intervention” which has other connotations of course, Intervention is Internet + Convention… and all the fun stuff that exists online brought to you in person! In The Washington DC area, at least. This includes many popular webcomics, like Z&F and my table-mate’s TL Collin’s comic Bullfinch. Plus lots of fun panels, programming, children’s events and workshops! Well worth $20 or so, to fill up an afternoon with live in-person stuff you usually find wandering the interwebs, holed away inside your house. Step away from your computer and join us in the Real World this weekend! :0)

Here’s The Run-Down:

September 16-18 2011
Hilton Washington DC/Rockville
1750 Rockville Pike, Rockville, Maryland 20852

The hours for the Vendor and Artist’s room will be:
Friday: 2pm to 8pm
Saturday: 10am to 7pm
Sunday: 10am to 3pm

Buy your registration HERE!