This One is For You Fellow Webcomic Creators!

As many of you know, I am a co-founder and member of the Webcomic Alliance, most well known for its podcast the Webcomic Workshop. This site and podcast helps other creators (as well as us) to create our comics more efficiently, with better writing, artwork and concepts. Well, I just got involved with another project, that can be a huge help to anyone starting out, going through a “dip”, and is serious about getting their webcomic a bigger and more devout readership.

Phil Hampton of the Comic Academy approached me a while back about doing an interview for the 2-part program he was developing. With the help of video tours, and many informative interviews with me and other comic creators like Ken Drab of Rick the Stick (also of the Webcomic Alliance ), Krishna Sadasivam of PC Weenies, and DJ Coffman of Bigfoot and Tiki (among other things).

You can now get this jam-packed program, regularly priced at $47, for the launch special STEAL of $7!! Just $7, c’mon you can handle that much, to give your comic creation endeavors a little boost, right!? Better hurry though, this deal is ONLY good through January 4th!

Click HERE to order The Webcomic Masterclass!