FanartChallengeLOGO_worldtourAnnouncing The FINAL Z&F Fanart Challenge: World Tour!

Just as rock bands like to have their “Final World Tour”, Z&F should take a world-wide trip all over our planet! One last time to make fun of mankind, in whatever country, landmark, setting or place they happen to be! I set this up so everyone will have to “reserve” a destination in advance, so in the end there will be a wonderful variety of places for our favorite aliens to make fun of research! You can draw a pinup-style piece, a comic strip, a larger comic, a single panel– whatever you like! Variety and freedom is key here. Check out the Fanart Challenge page  for more info!

Due Date: May 31st, 2015.

That gives you TWO months. Eeek! Only two months until the whirlwind ending begins? WHOA!

Really Need your Collective Help, Guys…

If you RECALL, Z&F is heading in the final 3 months of it’s lifetime… and come somewhere in July, I’ll be posting my final comic & retiring this comic WITH A BANG! And I hope you’ll join me for the ride into the sunset! (at least on THIS particular comic, that is) I have lots of ways to promote your work and Z&F! First, right here on the website in weekly “Fanart Friday” posts. Also, they will be included in Z&F Volume 4! Finally, as part of and to help promote the upcoming Plushie Kickstarter campaign! If you ever wanted to do one of these challenges but never had the time, or just wanted to draw Z&F, now is the time. It’ll help me out more than you know.

You in? Go Ahead and Reserve Your Spot!

First come, first serve. And there’s only 5 Write-in Spots!

Head over to Fanart Challenge page for ALL the rules before you begin drawing, to send your final piece, or to find this form again.

Additional Notes:

I will need a TON of help for my upcoming Kickstarter. Not everyone will want a plushie, but if I offer cool pledge levels for other related goodies, we may just get this thing funded! Here’s some other pledge levels I had in mind:

  • Commissions from fellow artists for the supporters
  • Comics Grab Bag! A collection of fellow creator’s works– maybe smaller books, issues, minibooks… whatever you could offer a couple of. All-ages type comics preferred…. but I could offer a “Grown-Ups” Grab bag too!
  • Digital Comics Grab-Bag! Same as above, you’d send me a PDF.

If any of these ideas are something you think you could help with, please shoot me an email at dawn AT zfcomics DOT com.

Thanks so much everyone for your support over the past 9 years. It’s been an adventure.