Whew, I made it!

Hopefully you enjoyed the latest, slightly edgier, Z&F comic featuring Betty White in all her glory….because that’s the last one for a while! Next week kicks off my summer hiatus, lasting from July 1st until Sept. 2nd. If you’re not sure what the deal with the hiatus is, check out this article to see the self-imposed rules I set up ’round these parts.

Keeping Busy

Well, you know me. I never REALLY take a break. And these hiatuses (hiatusi?) are self-imposed for more than just recharging the batteries and vegging out in front of the TV. I have plenty of OTHER work to get done. Last break, I put together Book 3! This break, I have a bit of a laundry list:

  1. Release the 2014-A Z&F EXCLUSIVE ebook download (see below for more info)
  2. Release the Z&F ebook volumes 1 through 6!
  3. Get the 6 volumes formatted for other distribution methods like Apple’s iBooks, or ComiXology.
  4. Connect with some local retailers & services to help promote Z&F in my area. This include libraries, comic shops, small bookstores, schools, even vet offices!
  5. PLUS I have a bunch of appearances/events to prepare for! July 13th is the Haverford Library comic con MINUTES from my house. Then August 24th is Comic CONN in Trumbull, CT. Shortly after that is my favorite: Baltimore Comic Con on Sept. 8-9!

The 2014-A Exclusive e-Book!

ZFdownloadThis is a brand new idea of mine, stemming from all those extra comics I write & draw but haven’t shown YOU (yet!) this past season. My original intent was to wait to reveal them once Z&F volume 4 comes out.  But, that is a long time to wait.

SO, this summer I will be offering a LIMITED-TIME-ONLY downloadable e-book of this past season’s FULL COLLECTION of comics- including all those exclusive comics NOT posted online! For a VERY reasonable price of $2.99! The tricky part is that it will ONLY be available to purchase during the hiatus (July and August 2013). After that, it’ll go back into the Airlock Space Vault… so swing by and get it while it’s here! Otherwise, you’ll just have to wait for the next book.

There will be a NEW Exclusive e-Book each off-season hiatus… titled after the year (2014), and the letter “A” or “B” representing the biannual seasons.

Also, keep a eye out for the e-book full collections of Z&F comics– 100 comics per book for just $3.99!


One More Thing…

Monday, July 1st, I will be announcing the WINNER of the Z&F fanart Challenge— for the BEST cereal box design! This is your LAST REMINDER to swing by and VOTE for the best entry! Click HERE!