Hiya guys. Happy day before 4th of July. So… thaaaaat’s the 3rd of July, yes.

Just wanted to touch base regarding some schedule reshuffling that’s happening around here. If you’re a  Z&F super-fan, you may have thought Monday’s comic was the last of the first 2014 “season”, which is usually March 1st – June 30th. Well, good news, IT’S NOT OVER! I will continue posting MORE Zorphbert & Fred comics here on Monday, all the way through the end of AUGUST!

But, now… the bad news.

After that I won’t be returning until January of 2015. And here’s why:

It’s been 8 years of staying on schedule and cranking out comics twice, sometimes three times, and for a while FIVE times a week. I do about a dozen+ comic cons and book/craft shows a year. Add in the freelance jobs that roll in (actual payment takes precedence), and what you have is a very overworked and exhausted gal. I need a break. Longer than my usually 2 month off-season (which I tend to fill up with catch-up work anyway). I need to settle and allow my brain to reset, and see where I want to go with Z&F and how much longer. I am halfway done with Book 4 now. And to be honest, I MAY decide to wrap up the series at the end of book 4, but I haven’t decided. Z&F may be reincarnated into a different form– graphic novel? single panel? Who knows. But I hope to figure all that out on my longer break. The end result may be a brand new comic altogether, too! I have lots of swirling ideas but nothing solid.

Also, for those wondering, there will be no more off-season ebook offerings. Much of that content I am posting for free right here, through August. That’s it, I hope it clears up any questions or confusion. Stayed tuned on MONDAYS for more comics!

An Updated Appearance Schedule:Griffin_TableShots_-18