Longtime reader and aspiring cartoonist himself, Rainey accepted the challenge… and showed it who’s boss by sendign me THREE entries! I figured it would be fun to make an animated GIF for you all, to showcase all 3 entries! In case you can’t read the text, the transcript is below:

Entry 1: “BRRR! Whose idea was is to put air conditioners in these suits?”
My air conditioner units need to make more of a FOOOP noise when turned on!

Entry 2: “Due to the revealing (in more ways than one) nature of this ending, I can’t show a picture. Lets just say the button was a self-destruct switch, and Zorphbert screamed “AHHHH, I’m naked!”
I got a good chuckle out of this, because Rainey is sort of poking fun at the fact that I NEVER show Z&F out of their costumes!

Entry 3: “I had that button booby trapped with 1000 volts. Was that a shock to you”?
OOOooooOoohhhhh pun-tastic! And yes, “FOOOOP” is totally the sound of an electrocuted squirrel-alien.

Thanks so much for your entries Rainey! Guys, swing by Rainey’s Tumblr page to read his comic “Reaper’s Legacy”, which is the funny, clever story of training the next Grim Reaper! I mean, the first one needs to retire already, no?

Better HURRY! LAST WEEK to submit entries!

Trying to get a few more in before I/we vote in December! Don’t have a lot to vote on this season– maybe I picked a comic that was too hard to finish? Please swing by the Fanart Challenge Page for the full rules and email your entry to DAWN AT ZFCOMICS DOT COM!