Wow. Just, wow.

Wizard World Philly Comic Con has outdone itself again. Or, maybe I out-did myself. This year’s 4-day convention now holds my new record for sales!

The Monday after a big convention like this is always surreal. As I sit at my day job, I wonder… “Did it really happen?” The highlight of my “career” as a cartoonist & illustrator are comic conventions and similar events- where I can meet the readers who keep me motivated, mingle with similar minds during and after the show, earn some cash from my passion in life, and refuel my momentum to make more kids book and comics! If all those key parts fall into place, the convention is considered a success, in my opinion!
Thursday was a shortened and slow day, but people were able to casually browse without the usual chaos. Friday brought in more of the typical crowds and sales picked up. Saturday and Sunday were both busy busy busy! I did the best on Sunday, also Kids Day, and saw a lot of the people I had met earlier come back for a purchase— which is the highest compliment if you ask me! Cold (immediate) sales are awfully flattering, but when a person needs time to mull over a purchase and compare it to what else is featured at an event, and they come BACK to your table, that’s just phenomenal!

Time for the Shout-Outs!

I saw many friends and readers at this convention, so I apologize in advance for those I may miss. My partner is crime, yet again, was TL Collins of Bullfinch, who is the Commission Master! I had a blast with him and his girlfriend Beth all weekend. Good buddy Erica Schultz of M3 came down and crashed my area multiple times to help and entertain! Z&F reader and local bud Ben Daniel stopped by and made my day by purchasing a Z&F Figurine! Across the way from my table was Chris Maverick (aka: “Mav”) of Cosmic Hellcats fame, and his colorful crew. Even bumped into my favorite Philly Comic Con neighbor (who lived across from me at my first show in 2010) Shawn Harbin of The Dungeon Comic. Thanks to Chris for also purchasing a figurine! The awesome picture above was taken by reader & comic-con-frequenter Megan Snyder, who stopped by to buy an Abby’s Adventures book for her daughter. The spectacular Stuff of Legend artist Charles Wilson even purchased Z&F Book 2, and I was thrilled to see some favorite kick-butt kids stop by to see me! All in all, a spectacular convention that gets better every single year. For those of you who have been thinking about exhibiting at Wizard World Philly, it’s a no-brainer if you can get here & stay here cheaply!

Want more on the show, outside of Artist Alley (where I was hidden away)? Check out the review by the Philadelphia Inquirer!


Okay Okay, here’s the Pictures!

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