I am getting geared up for one of my staple conventions- the Philadelphia Wizard World Comic Con, next weekend! I am SUPER stoked for this one, as last year’s convention was SUCH a huge success.. in general, and for me specifically! In fact, it was my most successful convention to date. So, I am really hoping if you’re in the area, and have at least $25 on hand, get yourself a 1-day pass (or more!) and come by to meet me! I swear I don’t bite, and I may very well have candy.

I do advise to buy tickets online prior to the show… so go do that ASAP! Last year on Saturday there was such a long line, people were waiting for 4-6 hours to get in, and they even extended the show! So please avoid the lines and frustration and get on that now. Angry, tired, frustrated readers at my table make me uneasy. I may very well throw candy at them.

Now, for the goodies I’ll have on hand!

The Zorphbert and Fred Volumes! Number TWO Debuts at this convention!

The Abby’s Adventures kids book series; great wholesome books for girls 3-8 years old!

Plus MORE goodies like buttons, mini Z&F books, and the Space Invader pendant/signed print package! ANNNNNND I may even be having BIG sales… you just never know! *wink wink*

Oh yeah, here’s where I’ll be in the massive Artist’s Alley.

Table #1804- just look for the 1800 Aisle and then for my Z&F/Abby banners! Might be better to just grab a bullhorn and shout “free coffee!!!”, I’ll find you, then. In fact… if you BRING me a coffee, you’ll get a FREE sketchcard and a button set. How’s THAT???!