Ebook_Ad_Full2And one week left to get your hands (eyes?) on that EXCLUSIVE ebook…

….containing never-before-seen comics from last season! On the even of March 3rd, it will go into the Z&F Airlock Space Vault to never been seen again! awwwww, I know, I know.

What are you waiting for? It’s on SALE for $1.99!

*** Limited-Time EXCLUSIVE 2013B E-Book***
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What Have I Been Doing While Not Makin’ Comics, you ask?

  • Well, in fact for the last month I HAVE been making comics. Getting that buffer ready!
  • Freelance projects! Earning some real cash! If you or anyone you know needs illustration work, a logo designed, website graphics, invitations designed, etc…. check out my portoflio site (BRAND NEW!):
  • Prepping for this year’s TOUR! I got nearly a dozen under my belt already and always looking to pad my schedule with more! You can see the full appearance listing HERE.
  • I packed the store with E-Books! That’s right, you can now choose between the print books, and the inexpensive ebooks. Z&F has nearly 700 comics now, and reading all of them on your ipad or laptop is so much easier & more enjoyable than on the website!
  • Coming up with the next Fanart Challenge! I will post the next contest details one the new season kicks into gear. Keep an eye on THIS page for the rules and such!

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