Review time! I am a proud member of the WebcomicPlanet Collective, and one of our projects to unite the crew and promote each other’s work is a Plug Circle. Excellent idea. First up, by Jhorsley3:

Okay, now… If you are a fan of my type of strip (family-friendly newspaper comic), this is a big jump. BIG jump. But jumping can be fun, no? Some of the best treasures are found off the beaten path, and they LIKE it there. They burrow a hole and stay put. In this case, this comic is for 18 and over, sorry kiddies.

Y2cl (stands for “Y2 Christ Light”) is an all-over-the-place webcomic. It started as a goofy comic so the author could make fun of his buddies, and developed into a menagerie of insanity: an eclectic cast of dudes being dudes, a ninja, a Zombie Jesus (and other varieties of Christ in all his.. uh… glory), photo-comics, spoofs, and a crazed violent rabbit named Larry (reminiscent of Donnie Darko’s creepy rabbit, eek). And that’s just summing it up. When you see that this comic has updated, you are never sure of what you’ll see when you click the link. “Predictable” can not be uttered in the same sentence as “y2cl”. Much unlike good ol’ loveable Z&F.

I’ll admit, I’m not 100% on board with every bizarre storyline, but Jhorsley3 comes up with some comedy gold most of the time. Who doesn’t love a sideways jab at Jesus himself., I mean he DID raise from the dead.. like a zombie. Well, maybe not loved by highly religious types, but I can get a kick out of Zombie Jesus devouring the cast of Rent, live & on stage. C’mon, that’s funny! I especially liked his Watchmen spoof, the Rorschach journal was hilarious.

Anyhoo, strap yourself into the Y2cl Coaster for one heck of a ride. Please keep all limbs & appendages inside the car at all times, or risk losing them to Zombie Jesus or a Crazed Bunny named Larry.


Footnote: to see MY review, you can go HERE (and also check out a retro comic, circa.. hm.. 1977?)