It’s time for another OMG: Check it out! Plug. This one is very aptly timed. Fresh off a podcast interview with TGT Webcomics which can NOW be found right HERE on zfcomics, I will give you fine readers a quick review of their podcast and what it’s like being interviewed by these 2 terrific gentlemen.

TGT Webcomics Podcast (Two Guys Talking Webcomics) is a talk show by the fans for the fans, of our favorite thing: webcomics. The 2 hosts are awesome people- Mr. Frumph we all know from Webcomic Planet, AKA- Phil Hofer, and Kurt Sasso (VertigoX). I am a tad biased, as it was Phil who provided endless knowledge and assistance in the fresh design of this very website- he is truly a WordPress God. I owe him big time. But that aside, I am continually impressed by both the accomplished and uber-talented-yet-to-be-discovered guests these two get on their show. And this is why I listen to podcasts in the first place- to learn how the pros do what I do, and to discover others like me who are on their way up.

Being that I have a handful of podcasts under my belt now, I’d say I may be getting the hang of it. So, I wasn’t the bundle of nerves that I have been in the past, when I finally made an appearance on TGT. These guys are not comic creators, nor writers, nor artists, nor critics. They are simply readers and fans- and that helps with taking the pressure off. Just you and 2 guys chatting about webcomics! But the most important part of the show is their delivery and true appreciation for the creator they are interviewing. They did their homework, and have some pretty intriguing questions that go beyond the typical “So, what is your comic about anyway?”. Was I 100% prepared to answer every one? No, but it rose some interesting points that will help me in the future, and that’s exactly what I need- a little help, a little one-on-one time with my readers. The one predictable element is the “spoiler”. Every creator has to give up a secret, or spoiler, about their comic, towards the end of the interview. This works great for some storyline-based adventure comics, but for comic strips like mine with light story arcs and mostly gag-a-day humor.. it can be tricky. Some of us have no tricks up their sleeves (aka- a buffer, lol)! Maybe there’s a better option than a typical “spoiler” for these types of creators…. though I cannot really think of a suggestion.

Another big bonus, which has gotten far more popular, is the chat room Talkshoe offers during the live podcast. When it’s not lagging ridiculously, it really opens the doors to your fan base, those interested enough to swing by and listen to you yap. It’s quite flattering, and quite informative, to have those people there to ask questions and add suggestions (and my case, get me paranoid about the NBA playoffs sports updates— you know who you are!). The internet is so expansive, it can feel like you are just floating around in a void, and these little advances in technology are greatly appreciated. After all, that’s what makes webcomics better than print comics- the instant connection to your readers!

TGT is one of my top 5 podcasts to listen to, and I am accumulating quite a collection to keep up with. So, fire up your itunes and subscribe! Looks for the new shows every Thursday at 9pm EST… and join in the chat room!


an extra baby plug: enjoy cooking AND webcomics? Well, go check out “What’s Cooking”, a side project by TGT… recipes are traded, comics are discovered, it’s good times.