Yes, boys and girls, it is time yet again for another Z&F Plug. The latest on the list is Amy Letts’ “Epic Fail”, a fantasy webcomic that actually goes right in line with a very recent LOTR storyline right here on zfcomics! There were many inspirations that lead Amy to create “Epic Fail”, including:

•  “Through the Dragon’s Eye,” a BBC Look and Read production

• The Dragonlance novels

• Renaissance Fairs

• D&D and similar role-playing games

So if you dig dwarves, elves and other fantasy characters mixing it up with the likes of Kings and Knights, go check out:

Amy’s colorful cast of characters include 2 humans, the golden-hearted and slightly ditzy Martin, and the rough-around-the-edges Dirk, whose determination and devotion sometimes gets the best of him. Follow these 2 up with the complicated strong-willed character of Amuletts, a Sylvan Elf, who has sworn to serve Loki, the Norse God of Fire. Amuletts’ intent is to help people, but by pushing them to take risks and generally being a nuisance, but she is highly regarded for her great skill with spells. Don’t forget the tough dwarf Clodin, and the mystical and compassionate elf Tinuvielle, to round out the cast.

The character-driven storyline and classic Renaissance hero aspect bring to mind the best RPG’s I played as a teen: Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, with a little LOTR and D&D mixed in. Antics abound as the story progresses, and you learn to love and hate Amuletts, who is easily the most memorable character. The artwork lends itself to the fantasy theme well, and with only having 25 pages, you can easily dive right into the story without feeling overwhelmed. A decent read, for all you fantasy nerds who like to play make-believe ;0)