It’s time again for another webcomic review/plug/shout-out. This one’s another for adult eyes only, boys and girls. I don’t want to blamed for child-corruption. Everyone, meet W. Byron Wilkins, the creator of “1977” the webcomic.

Take one look at that banner and you can figure out exactly the premises of this comic: Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll! The 70’s baby, as well remember it (or maybe not so much anymore). That really does pretty much sum it up… and simplicity can be a very good thing, especially when you have few brain cells left to hold an attention span. No, no, you do not have to be a stoner or alcoholic to enjoy this comic, because it’s universally flat-out FUN to read. Take “That 70’s Show”, age the characters a bit and throw all the stupid TV-censorship nonsense out the window. Add a dash of surreal mini-adventures that have no base in reality, and a handful of sexy strong women to boot, and you have “1977 the webcomic”.

Basic premises (beyond Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll!, I mean): 2 stoner goofball guitarist roommates live in a house paid for by the Q-tip inventor (father to one of them), they meet 2 hot chicks who HAPPEN to play drums and sing, and they form a band! Ear-to-ear grins ensue.

You can tell the author is indeed “writing what he knows”. Everything, from the clothes, to the slang, to the music and pop culture references, IS 1970’s. Speaking as someone who only lived one year of her life in the 70’s, I cannot speak from personal experiences, but I have no doubt what the author lays out here is “solid” …well, maybe not with the whole free-Q-tip-house deal (how flippin’ sweet is that? Man, I wish!).. but I enjoy the retro feel, and I know it’s legit. It’s so unique to the webcomic genre, Byron has stuck his flag in (no sex pun there, I swear) and claimed ownership!

I feel strangely connected to these characters, doing their own thing, trying to make something of themselves creatively. ‘Course I have a FT job while I “do my own thing”, but still… they have a “night gig” just as I do. Rock on, guys and gals, rebellious and bursting with creativity… I can definitely relate. Gotta give Byron props- he rocked out then, and he’s doing it again now, in 21st century style!

But beyond the sappy side of why I enjoy this comic, it delivers just what most anything from the 70’s does: unassuming, lighthearted, chemically-influenced hilarity. Just what you need, as you stumble into your office job every monday morning and down another 3 cups of coffee…. a roll of the eyes, a snicker, and some good healthy T&A.