Z&F RETURNS MONDAY! Can ya believe it?!

How about a little teaser?

The new schedule:

  • Monday: a new Z&F comic!
  • Tuesday:A special blog post! On a rotational schedule:
    • A Clipart FAIL post! Lets make fun of the god-awful clipart, that people actually get paid for, on clipart.com. An old favorite here at zfcomics.com!
    • NEW! Zorphbert’s Mission Log! Follow along with what Zorphie’s writing on that clipboard of his. Then, join the discussion– help shed some light on why we humans are so weird!
  • Wednesday: a new Z&F comic!
  • Thursday:A special blog post! Depending on what is sent into me, or what’s going on:
    • Fanart! Send in your sketches, guest comics, pin-up masterpieces! I’ll post them and link to your comic, profile, whatever you like!
    • News, Updates, Comic Con Recaps, etc! I’m busy, as you know.
    • NEW! “My Pet is An Alien!” Spotlight! Ever look at your dog, cat, or other pet and think, “What is WRONG with you, Spot? You gotta be from another planet!” Send me a picture of your pet, and a paragraph about WHY they are so weird, and I’ll FEATURE your pet in my blog! Just go to the contact page to send along your picture and description!
  • Friday: a new Z&F comic!


 Baltimore Comic Con in Just a WEEK! Sept. 8-9, 2012


Baltimore Comic Con: My favorite convention of the year, folks! In just TWO WEEKS! If you’re a true-blue comics fanatic, and couldn’t care less for the movie/TV celebrities the bigger conventions (like Wizard World, San Diego) bring in, Baltimore is your convention. Marvel and DC exhibit there, and even Stan The-Man Lee will be in attendance on Saturday! I’ll be there amongst a bunch of talented friends– TL Collins of Bullfinch, Mike Witmer of Pinkerton, and fellow Webcomic Alliance member, Chris Flick of Capes and Babes!

WHERE YOU CAN FIND ME!! (click to enlarge)

Some basic info:

Saturday 10-7
Sunday 10-5

The Baltimore Convention Center

Ticket prices are as follows:
Two-Day Admission (9/8-9/9): $40.00
Saturday Admission (9/8): $25.00
Sunday Admission (9/9): $20.00

Get your tickets now!


What I’ll have at my table: